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What is an MSU?
and other frequently asked questions

What is a Mobile Storage Unit or MSU?

A Mobile Storage Unit (MSU) is the equivalent of a 35sq/ft storage room that is brought to your loading point inside a trailer.

What Size is an MSU?

The size of an MSU is 2130mm (7ft) high, 2130mm (7ft) long and 1530mm (5ft) wide.
It holds 6.95cubic meters (245 cubic feet) or is the equivalent of a 35 square foot storage room. On average it holds 1 – 1.5 room’s worth of effects

How many MSU's will I need?

You can either use our calculator to calculate this out or call our office where our friendly office staff will be pleased to advise. Remember you only pay for the MSU's that you use.

How long do I have to load an MSU?

Included in our standard delivery / collection charge we allow for 2 hours before we schedule collection. This can be extended by prior agreement with our office. If further MSUs are requested we deliver these at the same time as collecting the loaded MSU. Remember to discuss you schedule with our office.

Why should I use Simply Store instead of my local self storage company?

This is easy. With traditional self storage you have pay to hire a van if you are licensed to do so, bully or beg friends and family to help load the van, drive to the self store depot and unload, often walking long distances and even upstairs to eventually reach your hired room. Then you have to return the van. Don’t forget that you have to repeat this procedure in reverse when you want your effects returned. With Simply Store you load at your home and forget about it until you ask us to return your effects. Removal companies offer a very comprehensive service but are very expensive compared to storing using Simply Store.

Will my things move around in my MSU?

Just load your MSU as you would if you were loading into a van. Place larger heavier items on the bottom and smaller lighter things on top. Pack your MSU in such a way that there is no chance of things moving sideways or could fall down anywhere. It is helpful if you have used all of the correct boxes and materials to aid your packing of the MSU.

Do you supply me with packing materials, boxes and furniture blankets?

Boxes and all packing materials can be purchased from our packaging division Simply Pack however as a courtesy each MSU will be supplied with 15 furniture blankets to help protect your polished furniture. It is your responsibility to return these blankets in the same condition you were supplied them.

Can I take things out of my MSU whilst in store?

Yes, provided your account is up to date and you give us 24 hours notice we will make ready your MSU(s) for you to access in our customer viewing area.

Will you deliver to our new home?

Yes, provided your new home is within our operating area subject to our price bands. If you are outside or our operating area we may be able to offer you an alternative delivery package or you can simply revert to hiring a van and collecting from our depot. Please refer to our pricing schedule for more information

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